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Making it easier to reach the right customers on Search

Over the years, we’ve improved our understanding of intent to make it easier for you to reach your customers. For example, your keywords can now match to the meaning of a search, and broad match is now more effective at driving performance–especially when paired with Smart Bidding. With these improvements, we’ve seen that phrase match and broad match modifier often serve the same use cases, and that you can reach more of the right customers through a combination of the two.

Digital Marketing Framework Developed By BiruDaun

DENPASAR, Indonesia – 1. January 2018 Greatly improve your CPC and digital marketing campaign and get more relevant webpage visitors. For the past 9 months, BiruDaun Web Studio & Digital Marketing in Denpasar, Bali has developed a Digital Marketing Framework to significantly improve the quality of website visitors for CPC or Digital Marketing campaigns. The …

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