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Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia – 6. January 2020

After a successful 7th Hotel Revenue and Distribution Summit in Bali during 2019, we are now beginning to adjust and reflect our public portfolio, thereby reflecting the success of the past few months.

The exclusive partnership between Audience Serv APAC and Celax, also known as Audience Serv Indonesia, under the BiruDaun brand, is creating new pathways for direct bookings to many Indonesian hotel and villa properties.

At the same time, we are expanding the company in 2020, with a dynamic product portfolio highlighting our strengths within the Indonesian hospitality market.

Audience Serv Indonesia is a product portfolio optimized for the hospitality industry aimed specifically at Indonesia and Bali, from small to medium-sized hotels to national and global hotel brands in class A and B locations. We cover sales, support and development in Indonesia, while Audience Serv APAC supports Indonesian and Balinese activities overseas. Audience Serv Indonesia can be reached at https://audienceserv.id/ (Update: https://www.indonesia-digital-marketing.com/indonesia-digital-marketing-is-proven-performance-marketing-exclusive-for-indonesia/)

Our product portfolio for web design & apps, speed & analytics is available for medium-sized companies at https://birudaun.net/, while we serve medium-sized to high-level markets with our https://wordpress-517393-1653706.cloudwaysapps.com portfolio.

Our company Celax heads up the portfolio, as incubator and high-tech consultant, and at the same time is one of the drivers and sources of innovative booking solutions. Further details will be available at https://www.celax.asia/

Audience Serv Indonesia
Contact English
Pak Kriss
[email protected]
WA & HP 0878-6177-5168

Contact Bahasa
Mas Yoseph
[email protected]
WA & HP 0812-4646-007

Mas Anang
[email protected]
WA & HP 0813-3860-6660

Audience Serv APAC
Oliver Wilke
VP Sales & Client Services
[email protected]
WA & HP +84 91950 2332

Our Indonesian Hotel- & Villa-Operator Receive More Direct Bookings

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